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               We strive to make each and every one of our client's events not only a memorable one, but also stress free. El Dorado Banquet Hall is a family-owned and operated venue for receptions, wedding ceremonies, buffet dinners and parties. We offer customized packages for each of our guests. We can accommodate up to 250 of your guests. 

We are located in

2726 E. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA., we offer various packages at different prices all customized to cater to you and your guests! "It is simply the place where your dreams come true!" - El Dorado Banquet Hall

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Family Reunions



Birthday Parties

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Banquet Hall
Our banquet hall can fit up to 250 guests and is over 5,000 sq ft
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Bar Area
We Provide You The Space For You To Enjoy Your Preffered Alcoholic Beverages 
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Stage and Projector
Feel free to use our stage and projector at your convenience.
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Enjoy our Complimentary Access To Wifi! But don't forget to enjoy the festivities!
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Kitchen Area
Full Access To The Kitchen Area If You Wish To Serve Your Guests 
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Patio Area
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Air Ventilation System
Go ahead! Dance away, we'll keep you cool. ;)
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Secure and Safe Parking Space For You And Your Family
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Dance Floor
750 Sq Ft Dance Floor, Elegant White Tile.
Commonly Asked Questions
Preguntas Frequentes
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Floral Design
We offer a selection of full production floral and design services for all occasions. 
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Valet Parking
We provide the Highest Standard of Private Valet Parking and Management Services. 
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Table Linen 
Make a memorable statement. We Work With Your Budget to Customize Your Design.
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Customized Cake
Our team of talented cake artists have the ability to turn delicious cake into works of art. We can make your dream wedding, birthday, baby shower into a magnificent reality!
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Limousine Services
Promsweddings, bachelor parties and other once-in-a-lifetime time events use limos to make the day extra special.Chrysler 300, Hummer, Escalade or Party Bus
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China Glassware
Elegant China Glassware, choose between silver or gold.
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Weddings, Birthdays, and Family events all need a great DJ to electrify the dance floor. Our DJs will ensure that everybody is out of their seats and off the walls. 
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Photo Booth
Perfect for every event type! From holiday parties to weddings, add some photo booth fun and capture the moment!
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Our servers are knowledgable, attentive and enthusiastic. We understand your guests needs and deliver appropriate service during your event!
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Center Pieces
Wonderful centerpieces that add grace, height and elegance to your setting!
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Fruit Table
Variety of unique and tasty Fruits and Treats, Five Tier Chocolate Fountain,  
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Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 6.41.36 PM.png
Light and Sound System
Set the mood and add ambiance for a wedding or event with our customized light and sound set-up.
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Elegant Clear Phoenix Chairs 
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You Customize the Menu, We'll Take Care of The Catering!


****Para el menú en español ver más abajo.****

-Stuffed chicken Breast in Alfredo Sauce-

-Chicken Breast in Alfredo Sauce-

-Chicken Breast With Sautéed Mushrooms -

-Chicken Breast with Poblano Peppers in Cream Sauce -

-Chicken Breast in Creamy Chipotle Sauce-

-Chicken Breast in Creamy Peanut Sauce-

-Chicken Breast Adobo-

-Chicken Fajitas-

-Beef Fajitas-

-Stewed Beef-

-Baked Tenderloin-

-Adobo Tenderloin-

-Pork Leg in Adobo Sauce-

-Beef /Birria-




Pasta, Fettuccini, Rotini, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Penne in Cream Sauce, White or Orange Rice, Beans with Bacon and Sausage, Russian Potato Salad, Classic Potato Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Veggies


              ***All Entrees include your voice of Bread or Tortillas and Spicy Salsa.***




- Pechuga De Pollo Rellena En Salsa Alfredo -

-Pechuga De Pollo En Salsa Alfredo -

- Pechuga De Pollo Con Champiñones Salteados -

- Chicken Breast with Poblano Peppers in Cream Sauce -

- Pechuga De Pollo Con Pimientos Poblanos En Salsa Crema -

- Pechuga De Pollo En Salsa De Maní Cremosa -

- Adobo De Pechuga De Pollo -

- Fajitas de pollo -

- Fajitas De Carne -

- Carne Estofada -

- Baked Tenderloin -

- Solomillo Al Horno -

- Pierna De Cerdo En Salsa De Adobo -

- Carne De Res / Birria -




Pasta, Fettuccini, Rotini, Macarrones, Espaguetis, Penne En Salsa Crema, Arroz Blanco O Naranja, Frijoles Con Tocino Y Salchicha, Ensalada De Patata Rusa, Ensalada De Patata Clásica, Puré De Patatas, Vegetales Al Vapor


              *** Todos los entrantes incluyen su voz de pan o tortillas y salsa picante. ***



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Send us an email and one of our staff members will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours!

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2726 E Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90023

Tel. 626 - 373 - 5657

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