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4 Valuable Tips to Assist in Your Choice of Venue

The choice of venue is pinnacle to the tone of your wedding. So many weddings are built upon the venue and the rest of the details extend around from it. These few tips are here to help you in your decision!

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  1. How Many People Are on Your Guest List? The very first thing you should be asking yourself before you even browse venues is: how many people have you invited to celebrate your special day with you? If you have a large guest list maybe a larger, warehouse-type venue is the best fit. Maybe an outdoor wedding would better accommodate your guests. If you choose to have a small list of attendees, your choices are les limited and a more intimate venue might be possible for your wedding. The guest list should be one of the very first things to take into consideration when deciding your venue. Shoulder-to-shoulder weddings aren’t very fun.

  2. Budget This is a seemingly obvious preparation, but some overlook the wallet when deciding the venue. This should be a strong factor in your decision as it affects you in the long-run. The venue, whether small or large, can still hold the wedding of your dreams. It only depends on the limits of your imagination!

  3. Save on The Date Quite a few weddings happen on the weekends. Whether it be to help fit into the guest’s schedule or it is just all around preferred by the couple; weekends tend to be extremely busy at most venues especially for weddings. It is prudent this is taken into consideration when deciding on venues. Some venues offer different pricing for less busy days, usually weekdays. So, if your special day resides on a weekday, you may just be lucky enough to save some money! If not, maybe consider saving a weekday-date for your wedding to save you a bit of money and stress.

  4. Style This is typically the very first thing people take into consideration when deciding venues: what style are you planning your wedding in? Rustic? Modern? Whichever the style, the venue and its architecture, location and overall aesthetic may influence the style you hope to achieve. If you are choosing a rustic style, maybe an outdoor wedding is best to keep your style intact. Or a rustic barn? Venues come in a large variety of styles and architectures. Use this to your advantage!

El Dorado Banquet Hall holds whatever aesthetic you need it to. We pride out venue on being malleable! Whatever you need, it is our pleasure!

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