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5 Wedding Details To Take Your Party To The Next Level

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Beautiful Wedding Reception In Los Angeles

While planning your wedding can certainly be stressful, it does offer you the ability to be creative. Wedding planning can be as detail-oriented as you want it to be. You get to plan the biggest party of your life, down to the smallest details.

There are the obvious major decisions to be made, such as what color scheme you’ll go with for your event, and whether or not you want a band or a DJ. But then there are all the much smaller wedding details that can take your wedding from being good to being great. These are not to be overlooked. Here are a few of them…

1. Choose The Right Chairs

Many people zip right past this wedding detail, or perhaps you don’t think that the chairs are a big deal. But having the right chairs can really change the look of your wedding.

Determine what kind of wedding style you’re going for, then work with your event venue to see what kind of chairs they offer (or what kind they can get for you).📷

Your guests will be spending a lot of time partying on the dance floor, but they’ll also be sitting on their rumps for a good portion of the wedding. You’ll want to ensure that they’re both comfortable and stylish. Our elegant Phoenix chairs fit any type of wedding occasion. Be sure to ask about them in your customized package.

2. Entertain The Kids

If you’re a couple that decides to invite children to your wedding, make sure you’ve taken a few steps to try and accommodate them.

It’s not your responsibility to keep kids entertained during your wedding, but their parents will thank you a thousand times over if you keep them occupied with something. The thoughtfulness behind this will make your wedding stand out.

Consider providing something like coloring books and crayons for your child guests. This is guaranteed to keep them occupied for a while.

3. Get Creative With Your Guest BookS

Many couples will choose to have a guest book for people to sign as they enter your wedding reception.

An elegantly-styled guest book is the obvious option for the bride and groom, but if you want to add a more unique twist to your wedding, consider getting creative.

For example, if both of you love to travel, consider having your guests sign a globe. This will both be a great keepsake from your wedding and a decoration that can be kept in your new home.

There are many interesting options for your guest book. Take a look at a few ideas to get inspired!

4. Spruce Up Your Table Numbers

As your guests enter your wedding reception, they will most likely be looking to find where they’re going to sit. Once they figure out what table they’re at, they’ll need to find the actual table.

Instead of the regular table numbers that most couples use, consider making custom ones. You can add a thoughtful quote for each table, or perhaps have a picture of you and your fiancé below the numbers. It’s a small wedding detail, but it’s a conversation piece that your guests will enjoy.

5. Provide A Late-Night Wedding Snack

If you think your reception may run early into the wee hours of the morning, consider offering your guests a late-night wedding snack for that extra boost before they hit the dance floor one more time.

Ask us about your catering package to include your desired foods for your guests! There are many late night taco trucks out here in Los Angeles that you can choose from after your wedding event.

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