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Top 5 Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them


1.Beauty and Fashion Disasters Hair that took hours to set starts to fall out of place, sweat makes your makeup start to bleed, the heels don’t want to cooperate, and it just feels as if rocket scientists created the dress. But good thing you were prepared for these situations! You went through the extra steps of trying everything in advance: hair, makeup, pacing in the wedding day heels, and reading the manual that came with the dress! To prepare for wedding day fashion-disasters, try everything out first. Perfect the process and its efficiency, and during this process small problems will poke out their ugly head but you will be prepared for them. Anticipation will prevent a small mishap from becoming a wedding day ruination.

2. Symphony of Destruction Music makes all the difference in your reception. A Bon Jovi cover band may not be what you envisioned yourself dancing to on the night of your wedding. And, maybe your younger brother isn’t as great of a DJ as he says he is. Don’t let the essence of your night be drowned out with “Wanted Dead or Alive”. Make sure to thoroughly audition your prospective musicians or DJ’s you hope to have supply the groove to your wedding! Ensure there isn’t any miscommunication between you and them regarding the setlist, special requests, etc. Even jot it down if you have to! Music is pinnacle to the ending of your big day.

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3. “What are we doing next?” – Disorganization/Miscommunication with Guests When your guests aren’t in the loop, they can get bored, lost and disinterested. That is something we definitely don’t want! To prevent hearing this question even once: make sure to have the itinerary for your wedding day in explicit detail laid out on the pews or seats, or even passed out at the door. This will ensure not a single guest is left wondering what is next on the schedule and everyone can look forward to each event with the same excitement that you do!

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4. We can’t control the weather We have meteorologists, but when are they ever 100% correct? Whether you plan to have your wedding, reception or both outside, always be prepared for the worst. Extra preparation never hurt!

5. Don’t kill your own mojo! At times the bride and groom can be under immeasurable amounts of pressure and stress on the day of. This can rob you of the wonderful time you could be spending enjoying your day! Make sure to take preemptive measures to prevent stress from taking what could’ve been an amazing day to being another work day. Find someone you trust, whether that be a bridesmaid, groomsmen, or wedding planner, that can help with the flow of events. You can even delegate to a few trusted people to handle specific functions such as taking charge with the photographers, paying of the caterers and venue, guest management, event flow, etc. This delegation will help you to focus on you and your significant other so you two can enjoy your special day to its fullest!

If you hope to ensure that you and your guests have the greatest time of their lives, El Dorado Banquet Hall can help to deliver the perfect day, let us help take off some of the stress of the big day!

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