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Top Ways to Calm the Stresses of Planning Your Wedding

Weddings can be some of the most stressful events to plan in a lifetime. As anyone knows, the less stress the better. Even if you aren’t planning a wedding and are simply in a stressful situation this quick list of stress-stopping hacks will help anyone under stress.

This One May Seem Obvious but A Lot of People Miss It: Take a Break A wise man once told me, “To get a better understanding of your issues, walk away and you’ll come back with a new perspective.” This rings true especially with things of a large magnitude, such as your big day! When you begin to feel stressed, take a moment to give yourself some time and space to breathe. Run out with a friend and grab some food, or grab a drink, but talk about anything besides the source of your stress. This will allow your mind a moment to ignore the stress so that you can develop a new perception towards the problem. It is helpful to engage your problems with new thoughts and possibly even solve the current issue or even see it as a blessing.

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Throw Out the Phone! Our most helpful assistant can also be our biggest stressor. Taking a break from the phone, social media and internet can really help one to realign with themselves and destress. Allow yourself to be offline for a few days, and if that isn’t possible, a few hours of peace will be just as good. Not many people know this, but the light emitted from our phones, computers, TVs and other screened technologies can be very overbearing on the eyes, causing fatigue and adding stress. Two things you really don’t need in times that are stressful enough. Try it! Even if you aren’t planning a wedding, it works in all stressful situations.

Separation of wedding and home. One common knowledge for a peaceful home is leaving work at the door. The same applies for wedding planning! Especially in the midst of planning, leave the wedding talk at the door. Commit to a pre-wedding vow with your fiancé to not discuss wedding planning at home. Allow your home-time to be the peaceful time that allows for relaxation and rejuvenation from the stresses of all your daily tasks and wedding planning. This approach will help both of you to enjoy each other and make the whole wedding planning experience all that much more joyous and exciting!

At El Dorado Banquet Hall, we understand the demands of wedding planning. Allow us to help alleviate the pressures by hosting your event with us! We always make it a point to ensure your planning is as simple and stress free as possible!

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